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The Purpose…

To provide a forward thinking solution to the traditional methods still used by the vast majority of the hospitality industry. Our approach updates the way in which you engage with your current and potential customers. The bottom line is to drive your bookings and overall internet presence, expanding the global reach of your business.

Make yourself stand out in a web of overwhelming choice.

“Including video in a landing page increases conversion by 80%”

– EyeView

Our door is open to everyone. We have all types of customers from the smallest design boutiques to large chains. No one is immune from the need for good content, future safe your business and keep up in a hyper competitive world.

"Hotels that I stay at have been revolutionised recently by high quality video. I would be reluctant these days to choose places that were not represented in this way and there is no one better than Glance to create this kind of high quality content for you"

Hans Noach, Chairman Clue Technologies BV

The How…

It is key that your online presence correctly communicates the spirit and feel of your resort. The modern traveller wants be able to transform, indulge and even learn on a journey with you. Typically we capture a mixture of aerial, time-lapse, slow motion and steadicam. We have also designed our kit to be very portable so that we can travel to any kind of location.

Every destination we have worked with has its own unique, distinctive aspects and strengths, this is why we create bespoke content for each project we undertake.

First impressions are everything, it is imperative that you grasp potential customers in the first few seconds or you will lose them. Give an immediate impression of quality with content that reflects this.

“78% of travel website visitors spend less than 15 seconds on a page, video content increases this average to 45 seconds”


Stats now show that when destinations correctly harness social media it becomes their most important means of engagement and communication with customers. We offer clear guidance in social media strategy after every project.

“Content is King”

– Bill Gates
What to post, when to post and where to post.

70% of people post on social media while travelling. If your business has a strong social media presence it naturally encourages people to inadvertently advertise on your behalf. Create the platform for your customers to organically share and advertise for you. We understand the market and you know your customers!

The Result…

We have had great feedback from our customers and they have all seen positive results since working with us. We encourage clients to rethink their social media strategy. Our content and ethos gives a fresh look to resorts that reinvigorates the whole marketing approach, as our clients testify.

"Glance beautifully captured the vibe, tranquillity, and excellence of The Royal Phuket Marina. Feedback has been sensational"

Gulu Lalvani, Chairman RPM

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